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Institutional Investors

Palisade's tireless fundamental research seeks to identify opportunities with long-term potential before the market does. From traditional strategies to alternatives, we have developed a select lineup of investment solutions that seek to deliver attractive results to institutional clients, ERISA plans, family offices, and foundations.


Traditional Strategies

Small Cap Core Equity Smid Cap Core Equity
Our Core Equity strategies seek to provide attractive risk adjusted returns over a full market cycle regardless of market environment.
Focused Equity
Invests in a diversified, yet focused portfolio of well-managed companies in all capitalization ranges.
Convertible Securities
Seeks to provide equity-like returns with lower risk than (and senior capital standing to) common stocks.
Short Duration Convertible Bond
Seeks to generate asymmetric returns by investing in short-term domestic convertible bonds.

Alternative Strategies

Hedged Convertibles
Seeks to generate favorable asymmetric, non-correlated returns with greater upside capture than downside participation when viewed relative to equity and convertibles benchmarks.
Private Equity
Invests in small- to middle-market private and out-of-favor small public companies with the potential for significant growth.

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Institutional Investment Professionals

Andrew Awad
Equity Research Associate
Dawn Brock
Senior Vice President, Research
Michael Chizmar
Vice President, Convertible Securities
Max Goddard
Analyst, Convertible Securities
Kyle Kavanaugh
Associate Portfolio Manager
Small Cap Core Equity
Senior Vice President of Research
Ray Lam, CFA
Senior Vice President &
Associate Portfolio Manager
Short Duration Convertible Bonds
William W. Lee
Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager
Mitchell Leung, CFA
Senior Vice President &
Associate Portfolio Manager
Long Convertible Securities
Garo Norian, CFA
Senior Vice President, Research
William Potter
Managing Director,
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jeffrey D. Serkes
Senior Advisor, Board Member
Marc Shapiro
Managing Director,
Senior Portfolio Manager
Dennison “Dan” T. Veru
Chief Investment Officer
Co-Chairman, Board of Directors

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