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Palisade is an independent investment advisor that thinks, invests, and treats clients in a manner that is fundamentally different from the approaches of most other wealth managers. Our goal is to help preserve and enhance your wealth in a manner that makes you feel secure today ... and secure about the future. We do this by crafting highly individualized financial plans and investment strategies to help our clients safeguard and build their wealth for their current lifestyle, as well as for future generations.
Philosophy & PROCESS
Palisade has cultivated a culture of excellence, discipline, and focus since our establishment in 1995. The firm is independently owned and managed, which allows us to take a long-term investment view and support our commitment to organizational and staff stability. Palisade’s independence allows us to singularly focus on our core competencies — delivering highly specialized advice and personalized service. Our senior management leads by example and remains focused on maintaining a collaborative environment and a team whose interests are aligned with our clients’ success. For Individuals and Families, Palisade delivers holistic wealth management and strives to provide continuous value as life circumstances change. We work to understand each client’s entire financial landscape, goals, and desires so we can develop an appropriate financial plan. The plan is used to develop an individualized investment strategy, which in turn guides the construction of a comprehensive customized portfolio that encompasses an array of asset classes. Each aspect – the plan, investment strategy, and portfolio construction – is regularly reviewed and recalibrated as needed based on market outlook and changing life circumstances.
Financial Planning
Planning is an iterative process that utilizes a team approach to learn about our clients as unique individuals. We take the time to listen to clients’ goals and objectives, needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon so we understand where they are, and where they would like to be. As fiduciaries, we are equipped to address varying components of a client’s financial life, but start with the area of most importance to bring peace of mind. We can empower clients with the knowledge to make informed life decisions by:
  • Understanding cash flow and implementing a spending and liability management plan
  • Coordinating with other advisors such as accountants and attorneys to ensure that clients receive straightforward and informed advice that is integrated into their investment strategy
  • Liaising with estate planning professionals to ensure that legacy plans are structured in-line with a client’s current wishes
  • Reviewing personal insurance policies with experienced outside professionals to identify policy gaps or potential savings
  • Providing educational opportunities for clients’ children (and in some cases grandchildren) so that they can navigate financial matters on their own

Investment Strategy
A comprehensive and individualized investment strategy is developed for each client, informed by the financial plan and the firm’s macro-economic outlook. This individualized strategy includes an asset allocation (i.e., U.S. equities, non-US equities, fixed income, etc.) that is tailored to each client’s objectives. Tax considerations and tax optimization are taken into account where and when appropriate. Risk of permanent capital loss and variability of returns is integrated into the investment strategy to seek appropriate risk-adjusted returns.
Portfolio Construction
After the investment strategy and asset allocation are determined, portfolios are constructed utilizing a variety of investment vehicles, as appropriate. This may include individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and/or ETFs; Palisade’s internally-managed institutional investment strategies; and/or select external strategies. All mutual funds, ETFs, and external managers undergo rigorous due diligence by Palisade’s investment, risk management, and compliance teams. Every portfolio is nimble and adjusted in response to current market conditions and Palisade’s macro-economic outlook. Palisade’s goal for every client is to construct a straightforward, transparent, and liquid portfolio. While wealth management is complex, client portfolios don’t have to be.

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Investment Team
Dennison “Dan” T. Veru
Dennison “Dan” T. Veru
Chief Investment Officer
Co-Chairman, Board of Directors
Jack Feiler
Jack Feiler
Vice Chairman
Wendy Popowich
Wendy Popowich
Managing Director, Private Wealth Management
Bernard Picchi, CFA
Bernard Picchi, CFA
Managing Director, Private Wealth Management
Michael Feiler
Michael Feiler
Managing Director, Private Wealth Management
Lorraine R. Salvo, CFP®, CDFA®
Lorraine R. Salvo, CFP®, CDFA®
Managing Director, Private Wealth Management &
Head of Financial Planning

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